Make Six Figures in the niche of Business Intelligence!
I will teach you how to master the art of coding SQL business intelligence and excel at data science.

My name is Jonathan, and I've been in business intelligence for nearly fifteen years.

I made the switch from manufacturing to business intelligence when I realized how powerful data analytics could become. This was a full decade before anyone even came up with the idea of analytics, big data, or business intelligence. I went from a dead-end factory job on the verge of bankruptcy to making 6 figures working for NASDAQ-listed companies.

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The Greatest Asset
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Value Exchange
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Build Your Talent Stack
To get ahead in business intelligence, you need more than just programming. Find out about talent stacks and how they can work for you. Learn more....
How to Negotiate Your Salary
Here are some practical tips to ensure you earn top dollar for your expert skills. Learn more....
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